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Friday, January 20, 2012

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

 Clockwork Prince is the sequel to Clockwork Angel (which I reviewed here).  A little steam punk (in the best way--there are real characters and a plot--which much of the steam punk fiction I've read simply fails to provide), action, romance, mystery, literary references, and Victorian atmosphere blend well in Clare's latest installment in her Infernal Devices series.  The Shadowhunters continue to battle evil and are darn cute while doing it.

When Benedict Lightwood seeks to unseat Charlotte as head of The Institute, everyone must step up to prevent her replacement.  Charlotte has been given two weeks to locate the Magister, and in the search for this arch villain, we learn more about Will's background and see Tessa and Jem grow much closer.  Will begins to open up and let his defenses down just as Tessa and Jem are beginning a romance.  Oh, those pesky triangles.

I could do with a little less emphasis on the romance--don't get me wrong, it is crucial to the dynamics of the story, but in a Victorian society, I think there would be fewer situations in which a young woman would risk so much.  So... there were a few minor details that were a bit annoying (Tessa's admiration for Will's looks gets repetitive;  I have to admit that Will sounds gorgeous, but Jem is nothing to sneer at either).

Nice touch-- the Warlock Magnus Bain and the connection to the Aesthetes.  There are plenty of references to books and poetry, and Will's love of books and reading increases my regard for this bad boy.

The series is YA fiction, but I've enjoyed it very much so far and look forward to the newest addition due out in 2013.  That's a long wait, folks.
Last review of books read in 2011!  Finally!

Fiction.  YA, Steam punk, Fantasy.  2011.  528 pages.


  1. One of these days I must read this series...

  2. You really should, Kelly. I'm usually hesitant to recommend books to particular people, but this series feels like one you would enjoy.