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Saturday, January 14, 2012

:)  So this is what they get up to!

Thanks, Nancy!
Recently watched When Paris Was a Woman, a documentary of the literary and artistic scene in Paris between the two World Wars:

 "Between the World Wars, Paris was the world's artistic capital, attracting cultural titans like Gertrude Stein and others. Through home movies and intimate storytelling, this documentary re-creates the mood of this unique female artistic community."  

One particularly interesting aspect was the information about Shakespeare & Company (the original bookstore opened by Sylvia Beach in 1919, not the later one opened by George Whitman).  Another thing that was interesting was the flourishing of the lesbian community in Paris in the twenties and thirties.  Who'd a thought.

The behavior of James Joyce surprised and disappointed me, but many of the most influential writers of the time found support at Shakespeare & Company and many supported the book store in return.
Two more reviews down, but I still have a few more 2011 books to review and hope to finish them by tomorrow.


  1. That video clip is pretty cool, huh? I have been seeing it everywhere lately.

  2. I'm always suckered in by video clips about books and libraries!

  3. I've got a book called When paris Was a Woman, I guess they are linked, documentary and book.
    I never finished it, thanks for mentioning it, I should, it was really great.
    I saw that book animation on Danielle's blog, it's so well done.