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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz

The House of Silk has an elderly Watson ensconced in a nursing home and finally writing a Holmes adventure that will be sealed from publication for one hundred years--plenty of time for any of those distinguished individuals caught in scandal to have died and been largely forgotten.

Since I have a fondness of Holmes and Watson, I am tempted by any novel that offers another glimpse at the duo.  I didn't find this novel either particularly engrossing or terribly dull.  Two narrative lines intermingle, but for some reason, neither one engaged my interest to any great degree.

Nor did I find the characterization of either Homes or Watson especially interesting.

While in many ways, Horowitz remained true to the Holmes canon, the novel lacked a certain vivacity that I'd hoped to enjoy.  I suppose my modernist self wants both the atmosphere of Victorian London with a more 21st century representation of character and plot; either that or a closer approximation of Conan Doyle's original, rather terse style.

I prefer Laurie King's (oh, smite me for my blasphemy!)  Mary Russell, and a more human, if elderly Holmes, and another Mycroft altogether than the one Horowitz depicts.

Readable, but not as engrossing as I had hoped.

Fiction.  Mystery.  2011.  304 pages.


  1. I need to finish the original series and Laurie King's before even thinking about reading this one... I probably will, though.

  2. I have this one on my tbr pile after grabbing it in the supermarket fairly cheaply. I'll probably read it later in the year and not expect too much.

  3. Kailana - Laurie King's series is so much fun!

    Cath - Holmes continues to fascinate, doesn't he? I can't resist trying whatever new versions come out!

  4. Another good one is the Enola Holmes series. Only six books, but very good.

  5. It took me four tries to get those word verifications right!!

  6. Nan - I'm not familiar with Enola Holmes, but I'm about to check this series out on Amazon.

    I was having trouble reading the darned word verification on other blogs and didn't realize Blogger had switched to this form. I've just removed it for a while and hope I don't get a bunch of spam.

  7. This is a fantastic book that is very well written and takes you away to another time and place from the very first page. Just when you think the book will be over, the real mystery begins. I'm only half way through but so glad I found this book!