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Thursday, February 09, 2012

How Far Behind...

can I get in reading blogs?  Very, very far.

As I try to catch up, I have to stop and write down titles of books and names of authors, check them out on Amazon, add some to the wish list and, after reading several reviews of Moonwalking with Einstein, finally placing an order.  I could have waited to get a copy at the library, but this is one of the "brain" books that I'm sure I'll want to keep.

Algonquin has sent me a bunch more ARCs, I have books I've purchased sitting in a stack by my reading chair, I have overdue library books.  A surfeit of reading material and still not reading at my usual pace.

I do have a couple of books to review and have 3 books in progress, but I'm still spending most of my time upstairs in the studio stitching away on prayer flags.  I love the idea of having these little flags sending prayers on the breeze.

"Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. The flags do not carry prayers to gods, a common misconception; rather, the Tibetans believe the prayers and mantras will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all pervading space. Therefore, prayer flags are thought to bring benefit to all."

Mine aren't the traditional Tibetan version with their bright, symbolic primary colors.  Mine are usually more subdued, but I've had fun choosing words to include on my flags and embroidering each flag is a meditative process.

I think I've made about eight so far.  I spend hours each night stitching while watching Netflix, instead of reading, which is my usual evening activity.

However, I really must return my library books, read some of the backlog of books that have accumulated, and write a couple of reviews!


  1. I cheat on my wish list. I just have Pinterest and when something interests me, I pin it. Then when I have more time I go through and look the books up, check if my library has them, etc. I am a bit behind, but I actually change the comments on my pins to say 'library has' or 'library doesn't have' and then when I was buying books after Christmas I just went through to see what ones the library didn't have I would really like to own. So, yep, I'm a nerd. lol

    Also, I really hope you enjoy Moonwalking with Einstein. Down the road I plan to buy myself a copy to keep.

  2. I have read through most of Moonwalking and it's a bit much for me, although I have used it a few times to remember things. It's so crazy and visual it leaves an impression on the brain, I guess. I also have many books on the brain and remembering. One of my favorites that I've read more than once is "Mozart's Brain and the Fighter Pilot". Love it. So much in there. Anyway, I'm going to put your blog on my sidebar so that I keep up with your reading. My sister and I have a mostly craft blog but I'm SO into books. I remember asking my mother for 65 cents when I was a teenagere to buy the book "Pygmalion" and I was so thrilled she let me have it. Since then, it's books books and more books. When I go to the library I take out 20 or 30 books. Half of which are for my granddaughter who spends time here at night because my daughter works nights. I do like nonfiction books. You can't make up some of the real life things that happen like The Glass Castle by Jeannette Wall. You can't make that stuff up.

    Well, a kindred spirit, then...

    Best wishes, Linda

  3. I haven't been pinning books but I've pinned tons of craft stuff, DIY house and garden stuff, too. Great idea to pin books. Then you can always look them up later...I go from Amazon to my library site and see what they have. I used to buy all the books I wanted to read but now I get some from the library and only buy what I really want to keep and reread. I guess you do that, too. Cool.

  4. I love your paryer flags. They are beautiful, especially that first one. Very lovely.

  5. Jenclair, the Grace flag is absolutely beautiful!! I love the bright colors against the tea stained background. They stand out so much more that way! Just gorgeous!

  6. Kailana - I want Pinterest!
    It is sensible to check the library before buying a book; I do that, too. I don't usually care about having/owning fiction...I just want to read it. Nonfiction, well, sometimes I want my own copy.

    I'm looking forward to my copy of Moonwalking, but I'll have to wait a while on it because it was a pre-order. Darn.

    Linda - If Moonwalking helps me remember things, it will be worth it. I'll have to check on Mozart's Brain - thanks for the recommendation!

    Aren't libraries wonderful? Don't know how I could manage without ours! :) I, too, have lots of books that are specifically for the grandkids. Thanks for stopping by, Linda!

    Linda - Pinterest has so many uses! Yep, I try to limit my book purchases to things I know I'll reread!

    Caroline - Thanks, I have become quite addicted to the process of stitching those prayer flags.

    Sherri - I like the way the colors stand out, too. That piece was dyed with acorns, I think. I dyed quite a lot with acorns and birch bark. Thanks for the nice comment on Grace!