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Thursday, February 16, 2012

No More Fat Andy

I was devastated to learn that Reginald Hill has died.  No more Fat Andy Dalziel.  Hill is my very favorite writer of mystery and police procedurals, and I have loved his novels in the Pascoe & Dalziel series.  Truly. Loved. Them.

It reminds me of my sense of loss when I realized that Kate Ross had died and that there would be no more Julian Kestrel mysteries.

I can't explain why these two authors and their characters appealed to me in such a fundamental way, but I will always feel a deep and abiding loss that I can no longer follow the adventures of Lord Julian and Fat Andy.

Oh, unfair, unfair to have these wonderful characters die with their authors.

The death of Ariana Franklin (Diane Norman) is another loss, and I will miss Adelia Aguilar, the medieval pathologist as well, but not nearly as deeply.


  1. That's exactly how I felt when
    Anne George died. Not only did she die far too early (in her 60's) shocking in itself but to realize her characters died with her. I was depressed for a long time. Fortunately her last book brought the series to a logical end point but oh, I still miss her Southern Sisters.


  2. Celeste - Amazing how attached we become to certain characters, who may be fiction, but are still real. You find yourself remembering a story or an event, and then realize that the source is actually a character in a book!