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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Study in Revenge by Kieran Shields

A Study in Revenge is an uncorrected ebook from NetGalley, and the second in a relatively new historical mystery series set in Portland, Maine in 1893.  Deputy Archie Lean and criminologist Percival Grey find themselves investigating the strange murder, burial, and apparent second murder of the same man.

I might have liked Archie Lean and Percival Grey, but they just didn't quite materialize into real people for me.  The plot had a lot of occult elements, making me think of Alistair Crowley, but without a feeling of real suspense, and the plot felt tedious and plodding much of the time.

Overall, it felt rather like skimming the surface of elements that had potential, but that never had depth.

publication date - Jan. 8, 2013
Crown Publishers


  1. I wasn't sure what you meant by an "uncorrected book." I haven't heard of that term.

  2. Many of NetGalley's advanced reader copies are uncorrected manuscripts. This was an ebook that had not been through final editing. This one wasn't bad, but some have lots of problems with capitalization and paragraphing, etc., and some have content problems. The publishers just make the point that you aren't receiving a publication ready book.

  3. Getting killed twice is an interesting idea but I wouldn't like the occult elements either.