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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I demonstrated impressive self-control when I went by to check to see if my iPad was ready.  They had not called on Friday or Saturday, but thinking the bad weather across the nation might have caused a delay, I wasn't especially concerned.  ARCs were arriving in the mail, and I was finding books in my stacks that had been shelved and forgotten.

However, when I got there and asked if my iPad was ready, my name wasn't even in the system, and they couldn't, initially, find my iPad--well, my patience began to erode.  

This was not the young man who had helped me on previous occasions or the woman who took my name and phone number and said she would order the battery.  It wasn't his fault.

They finally found my iPad, but of course, the battery had not even been ordered.  I was devastated.  

Now for the good part:  When Fee came home, he gave me an early Christmas gift, a Kindle Fire HDX.  I immediately registered and all of my books appeared!  Love that man!


  1. Bummer about the mix up with your iPad. Nice about the Kindle Fire though.

  2. Argh to the delays but hooray to the Kindle Fire! Are you loving it so far?

  3. Stefanie and Jenny- Oh, yes, I'm loving it!

  4. I'd be fuming over the iPad mess. But you are right, it's not the poor guy's fault who was helping you when you returned to ask for it.

    Awesome about the Kindle HDX! Don't tell, but I'm getting my husband one for Christmas too. You've got me wondering if I should give it to him early or make him wait . . . I'm sure he'll figure it out before Christmas if I wait. We're on the same account.

  5. Oh what a bummer about the mix-up but glad it all worked out in the end. I do like my regular Kindle but kinda would like the Kindle Fire.

  6. Wendy - Oh, your husband will love you! The Kindle HDX is a great gift, and I should know!

    Iliana - Truthfully, I could have gotten along with just the reader, but the other stuff is nice, too!