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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Darkest Powers Trilogy by Kelley Armstrong

I read Omens (a Cainsville novel) by Kelley Armstrong last year and liked the paranormal aspects and the characters.  Still waiting for the next book in the series which should be out soon, I looked for something else by Armstrong. 

I decided on The Summoning, the first in the Darkest Powers trilogy.  

Chloe seems an average girl.  She attends a special art school, has friends, and plans for herself.  Until one day when she sees a ghost and has a spectacular breakdown.  She is placed in a home for teens with mental problems where she is to remain for a month before she can return to her old life.  While there, however, the psychiatrist seems to think her symptoms may indicate schizophrenia.  She accepts her diagnosis, hoping to be released as soon as possible, and she takes her medications with hope that she will be able to go home soon.

The teens in the home have problems, too, of course; some problems are easy to identify, some not so much.  One of the other teens, a large, powerful, and unattractive boy brusquely suggests that maybe her problems are mental.  Maybe Chloe actually sees ghosts.

As it turns out, Derek is correct.  The teens in the home have various supernatural abilities, and society, unable to comprehend the reasons for their behaviors, believe the problems are mental. there something else going on at Lyle House, and just how serious are the implications?

The author hooked me pretty quickly; I liked the supernatural elements and found the characters interesting.  It is fantastic, I mean, there is a necromancer, a sorcerer, an anti-social werewolf, and a cranky witch--you aren't going to be reading anything close to reality.  Fantasy, for sure, but great fun and a head-long read.

Until you get to the end and find a cliff hanger.  Another one!  So then what can you do but order the next in the series.  

The Awakening continues the story of Chloe, Derek, Simon, and Tori on the run from the bad guys.  More about the evil Edison group, and what?!  Genetic engineering, cabals, and power struggles!  Oh, my!  

I can't stop there, on to the final book.

The Reckoning.  Who to trust?  Deception and intrigue.  And a resolution.

These books were such fun.  I loved the characters, the solid pacing, the touch of romance.  I did feel the conclusion seemed to have left some elements unresolved, but these books provided me with hours of entertainment.

YA/Paranormal.  2008, 20010, 2011.  


  1. This sounds like a great, engaging trilogy! Have you read her Otherworld series? I heard they're good too!

  2. I've heard that, too. I chose this one because there were only 3 books, but I may go for the Otherworld novels later. I do enjoy the way she tells a story!

  3. I haven't tried Armstrong's YA books, but I do enjoy her adult books. I will have to try this trilogy.

  4. Wendy - I was eating this series up like candy. :) About the Otherworld novels: Do they function as stand-alones or lead from one to the other chronologically?