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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dimmingwood by C. Greenwood

The Dimmingwood series is a YA fantasy series.  I enjoyed the ones I read, but each book is short (more of a novella than a novel), and then you must get the next one to continue the story.  The first in the series is a free download, and the rest aren't too expensive, but it would have nice if some of them had just been combined into longer books.

Magic of Thieves

It is dangerous to be a magicker, especially after the Praetor has ordered a cleansing to rid himself of this segment of the population.

Ilan's parents were killed in the cleansing, but the four-year-old managed to escape.  She ends up being raised among thieves and outlaws in Dimmingwood.

Ilan is a combination of strengths and weaknesses, and as an adolescent is often churlish and rude, but then she has been raised by bandits and she is an adolescent.

When Terrac, a young boy about her age, is captured, they develop a friendship in which Ilan is dominant and often brusque and ungracious.  Terrac had planned to be a priest before being taken in by the outlaw band and tries to keep a gentler attitude toward life than Ilan (which isn't difficult, as Ilan is pretty hard to take at times).

Then the bandit clan is betrayed and things begin to fall apart.

I read the next two in the series, and they were just as short.  I doubt I will continue, even though I would kind of like to know how the rest of the series goes.

YA/Fantasy.  2012.  Print length:  190 pages.


  1. I hope the publisher does decide to release an omnibus or some sort of collection to make it more reader friendly.

  2. The plot sounds interesting, and I think it's a pity that it was split into novellas instead of a long novel. I enjoy novellas once in a while but feel they're too short to read, if the story is good!

  3. Yep, frustrating to get the story in such small doses!

  4. Why have they been split into novellas I wonder? Seems that it would be more satisfying to get a big chunk of story.
    Lynn :D

  5. I'm not sure. I like big thick stories!