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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Trish's Inspiration on Monday

From Trish's Blog:   Inspiration on Monday is a forum to share things that we’ve created and things that we are doing to help inspire others. Posts about projects in progress, finished projects, tutorials, and how-tos are all welcome. Feel free to share recipes, crafts, lifestyle, organizing, and DIY tips, and any other idea that can spark inspiration.

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Another fidget quilt.

Birds are raw-edge applique a la'
Syko style machine embroidery.
The quilted beads (I used sillyboodilly's pattern) and buttons
can be moved along the ribbon.
Buttons can be unbuttoned and re-buttoned.
Although I used machine embroidery for the applique,
the rest of the quilt is hand quilted.

I wash the quilts for two reasons:
the wrinkled look pleases me and
washing lets me know what items will survive the washing machine.

Because not everyone knows what "fidget quilts" are,
here is an excerpt from a previous post:
Several of you have asked about what fidget quilts are--so I'm including a couple of links, but the idea works for anyone that needs sensory or manipulative activities--toddlers, disabled, autistic disorders, kinesthetic learners, anyone who needs sensory integration, not just those who suffer from AD or dementia. 

fidget quilts help soothe  
Dementia quilts  - "A dementia quilt is a small lap quilt that includes things that might trigger something from a dementia patient's senses. Sometimes they are called "Fidget Quilts" because they inspire the patient to interact and fidget with the quilt."  (excerpt from post)


  1. I like the Syko method--hadn't heard that term before but it definitely seems like it might take some of the anxiety out of applique and give a bit of practice with control for free motion quilting. Love the yarn flower stems and the quilted beads.

    1. Katja is a Finnish textile artist whose work I've enjoyed for at least six years. Her blog is called Syko, which is short for sykompaniet, Swedish for the sewing company. Katja appreciated both the Swedish and English meaning of "syko." Others use this rqw edge applique, but it will always be "Syko Style" to me. :)

  2. So wonderful. Have you delivered any yet? Just curious about how they were used. You may not know, but I'd love to find out. :-)

    1. No, and that is hopefully going to be done this week since I've finished the last one (not this one). I'm curious, too, about the response. :)

  3. That's beautiful! I like the colour combinations too! :)

  4. Another beautiful creation, Jenclair! I just know this is going to brighten someone's day.

    1. I do hope it will brighten someone's day!

  5. I love the little birds! You do such great, creative work!