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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Girl Who Was Taken by Charlie Donlea

The Girl Who Was Taken by Charlie Donlea 

Two high school seniors disappear from a beach party, but after two weeks of captivity--only one escapes.  A year later, Megan McDonald continues to come to terms with the changes in her life since her escape; Nicole Cutty is still missing.  

Nicole's sister Dr. Livia Cutty is a forensic pathology fellow and has a special commitment to analyzing the forensic evidence provided by the dead.  She expects that she, or someone like her, will one day perform the autopsy on her sister's body.  But when she performs an autopsy on a young man from her sister's past, Livia needs answers to what happened the night the two girls disappeared, and she wants to know who is responsible.  

In an effort to find out more, Livia approaches Megan McDonald, the girl who escaped.  Megan may know more than she realizes.  

The chapters move from present to past, filling in background information about Nicole and Megan as they each moved toward the night of their disappearance.  

I always wonder about those individuals who choose to become medical examiners.   Autopsies, regardless of how important these examinations are in determining cause of death and forensic detail, are gruesome affairs.  Livia has a sense of humanity about her work, but it is grim work.

Donlea does a good job of both giving and withholding information, and I was surprised when I finally caught on about the villain.

Although there were a few things that felt underdeveloped, The Girl Who Was Taken was a compelling read.  Not a particularly good title or cover, but a tense and compelling story.

(The chapter that takes place after the crime is solved indicates there will be more from Livia Cutty.)  Read in March; blog review scheduled for April 12.

NetGalley/Kensington Books

Crime/Suspense.  April 25, 2017.  Print length:  320 pages.  


  1. That cover is sure eye-catching. The premise sounds intriguing too so I'll want to check it out. :)

    1. It was interesting! I would read another one featuring Lisa Cutty to see how her role as a forensic pathologist develops. :)

  2. Am writing this title and author down because I definitely want to read this one. My summer reading list is filling up fast. :)

  3. I want to read this one too! I am also fascinated by anyone who is a medical examiner. I could never do that job.

  4. I can definitely see the draw to this one. It does sound compelling. I will have to look for it. Thanks for sharing, Jenclair! (And I see it has "Girl" in the title!)