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Friday, October 27, 2006

R.I.P. List and SciFi: Evolutionary Split?

Thanks to Carl for the entertaining R.I.P Challenge. I read some interesting books and have accumulated a long list of TBR titles from participating bloggers. I'm still waiting for about 5 more books that will go into the bonus R.I.P. category.

My R.I.P. list:

  1. House on the Borderlands - W.H. Hodgson

  2. Lolly Willowes - Sylvia Townsend

  3. Death in the Garden - Elizabeth Ironside

  4. The Wyvern Mystery - Sheridan LeFanu

  5. The Haunted Hotel - Wilkie Collins

Only one of these authors (Wilkie Collins) had I read before, although LeFanu was one I kept saying I was "going to read" --someday. I think I learned something from all of them.

(favorites, by a long shot, #3 and #5; all have been reviewed somewhere on this blog)

Bonus R.I.P:

  1. The Keep - Jennifer Egan

  2. A Coldness in the Blood - Fred Saberhagen

  3. Grave Sight - Charlaine Harris

(favorite, #3)

Carl and Angela (and anyone else interested in science fiction), here is an article that could be developed into countless science fiction novels! Not that most of it hasn't been done before, but it provides a new impetus for futuristic novels.


  1. so they aren't taking into account the middle class?.. which, in america, is alot larger than upper class.
    i can't see this having any validity.. unless you say pretty people will mate & make prettier people.. and ugly, short people will breed the same.
    definitely makes these people sound shallow!

  2. I can't see it happening either...except in science fiction. I do, however, worry about a good many ethical questions involving the very real possibilities of cloning and choosing genetic characteristics, etc.

  3. I hope this doesn't print twice. I've been having bad luck lately with leaving comments.

    The article certainly provides good fodder for science fiction writers.

    I've enjoyed reading your reviews for your RIP reads and have added several of these books to my TBR list. It's interesting that I had never heard of Wilke Collins until this year and now I have 3 books by him on my list.

  4. I forgot to ask if you made that cute witch quilt. I love the circlular quilting from the moon outward. And the witche's dress and hair are perfect.

  5. booklogged, Wilkie Collins reads like many Victorian novels...wordy; but he wrote fun mysteries that must have been wonderful entertainment for the period!

    Yes, I made 3 small Halloween quilts this year. Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

  6. Thanks for the article link. Not sure of the validity of his theory but hey, I won't be around to see it happen anyway! (Unless I succeed at my plan to never die). ;)