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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Deadly Assets by Wendy Tyson

Deadly Assets

Allison Campbell is an image consultant with a background in psychology.  Her clients include celebrities and the rich and powerful-- individuals who want to create a better perception of themselves or to be able to manage social situations with ease.

Allison visits with her newest client, heiress Francesca Benini, who wants to improve the image of the family company.  While Allison likes Francesca, the extended family relationships are obviously tense.

Allison also takes on a young client who has great talent, but needs polishing.

When both of her clients disappear on the same day, and her friend and colleague Vaughn is the last to have seen each of them, Allison needs to find out what happened and why.  Vaughn and her own company's image are at stake, and Allison is unwavering in her search for a connection between her two clients.

Read in May; blog post scheduled for July 1

NetGalley/Henery Press

Mystery.  July 22, 2014.  Print length:  296 pages.


  1. I hope she was able to figure out what was going on! This sounds like it could be good. I hope it was!

  2. This sounds intriguing. I hope it was a good read. :-)

  3. Sounds good! I like intense. ;)

  4. Irene - It was interesting, but not compelling.

    Melody - I'm not sure how many preceded this one in the series, but there are definitely some back stories. I don't know that I'll pursue the series, though.

  5. Wendy - She did figure it out, of course, but it took some time to make the connections. It was an OK mystery, but not one I loved.