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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The World's Coolest Bookstores & Other Miscellany

Via CNN Style, this slide show of fascinating bookstores has articles describing each in more detail if you scroll down.

From the famous Shakespeare and Company in Paris to a bookstore in China where backpackers can stay overnight; from a former glove factory in Detroit converted into the largest new and used bookstore in the world to the John King Used & Rare Books, also in Detroit, which has a copy of the writings of Thomas Aquinas published in 1482 in Venice.  Beautiful pictures and interesting details.

Have you heard of Bookbub?  Free and discounted ebooks - nice.  This article in the NY Times explains more about these one day deals.  "At HarperCollins, executives said they have seen books designated as daily deals go from 11 copies sold in one day, to 11,000 copies the next."

OK - I have a weakness for genius kids, robots, and androids. Have therefore decided I must watch at least one episode of Annedroids to see what Anne comes up with in her junkyard laboratory.

I've finished Visions by Kelley Armstrong, an ARC that arrived in the mail.  I read Omens last year and was so excited to have another Cainesville interlude.  I've become a big fan of Armstrong and will review it soon.  Also recently in the mail, Bitter River by Julia Keller.  Another very good book and yet to be reviewed.  And on Wed., an uncorrected bound manuscript by Louise Penny arrived:  The Long Way Home.  I haven't even started it, but it is Louise Penny so I expect to love it.

A couple from NetGalley that I'm looking forward to are now on my Kindle.  What a book glutton am I!  

I've finished more Halloween figures and still have a few in progress.  Working on altering a book as a Book of Spells for a Halloween prop.  Love Halloween!  More details on my other blog.  

It is getting close to time for Carl's R.I.P. challenge.  Any good suggestions for this year's R.I.P. challenge?  I'll suggest Edgar Cantero's Supernatural Enhancements which I recently reviewed.  And if you haven't read any Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White is a perfect book for the challenge--well, any Wilkie Collins, but Woman in White is my favorite.  

A few favorites from previous R.I.P. challenges:

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
Renfield: Slave of Dracula by Barbara Hambly (Hambly has quite a few good possibilities)
Almost anything by Sax Rohmer (especially if you want a vintage twist)
Dissolution by C.J. Sansom (plenty of Gothic elements)

I think I've reviewed all of the above during one challenge or another.

Hope you are having a great weekend!


  1. I joined Bookbub a while back and have gotten several books from them since then. Some by authors I like but hadn't read lately. I feel the same way one of the people quoted in article feels--I don't mind taking a chance if book is cheap or not finishing one that I don't care for. Absolutely love your new Eccentrics--heading to your other blog now!

  2. Teresa - Bookbub sounds like a great idea. I forget about authors and books that I wanted to read, but never got around to.

    Thanks for the kind words about the new little Eccentrics figures!

  3. Looking forward to your reviews, Jenclair! I wish I could read as fast as you. ;)

    Those figurines look lovely for Halloween! Did I tell you that you're talented and creative as well? :)

  4. Melody - I'm retired! I've always read a lot, but since I'm no longer reading and re-reading for teaching English, I'm enjoying reading whatever I want, whenever I want.

    Thanks for liking my Halloween Eccentrics!

  5. Wouldn't it be fun to make a vacation of visiting all those bookstores? If only we had the time and money!

    I've been thinking of unsubscribing to BookBub recently to avoid temptation.

    I haven't heard of Annedroids before. Will have to look into it.

    Love your Halloween figures, especially the black cats. :-)

    I hope you have a great week!

  6. Wendy - Some of those libraries would be so spectacular to see in person!

    I haven't subscribed to BookBub yet for that very reason. I'm already inundated with my TBR books.

    The Annedroid episodes will be a little too old for Mouse right now, but I watched one and it will be just right for Bryce Eleanor, who is 6 1/2 and Max, who is 8. I'm recommending the series to my daughters. :)