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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fest by Mark McCrum


An entertaining mystery about a literary festival where authors and critics gather to give talks about their books or their genre, etc.

When a famous (and often brutally cruel) critic is murdered, Francis Meadows, a crime writer, can't help but begin his own investigation.

A nice light read that provides an interesting look at the literary scene and an engaging writer/sleuth playing amateur detective.  

Who killed the critic who killed so many careers?  And who killed the young woman who had been filming and interviewing some of the people who knew him?

A cozy with a little spice.  Forget the cover pic.  Poor choice.

NetGalley/Prospero Press

Mystery.  July 2014.  279 pages.


  1. This looks promising. "Visiting" a literary festival through a mystery sounds like good fun. :-)

  2. Irene - it was a fun little read!

  3. How fun! I wonder if this was a wish fulfillment fantasy. :-) I will have to look for this one.

    (The cover could have been so much better . . . )

  4. I'd have given this book a miss if I didn't read your review. Sounds like an interesting story. A critic being killed! Who'd have thought of that? lol.

  5. Interesting! Definitely a scenario I have not heard of before.

  6. Wendy - To attend a book festival in England (w/o a murder)would make my fantasy list!

    Melody - I enjoyed watching an author of a crime series try to investigate a real murder. Francis is a likable character.

    Becca - :) And that is getting hard to do! I read the same scenario (with different characters, by different authors) over and over in so many books.