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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Crafty Summer

I've been back in my studio for a while now.  Playing with fabric and clay after a long hiatus.  All of a sudden, I have several projects in the works, and dozens more that keep popping into my mind.  

It began with a challenge to myself:  just once a day, get upstairs and make something.  It didn't matter what, and it didn't have to be useful or even finished.  Just get up there and do something.  I started with putting a pocket on one of Fee's old shirts that I use as a smock.  

I used an eco-print of leaves that I made a couple of years ago and never did anything with.

  Then I added a piece of embroidery from several years ago.
A smaller pocket.

 Then a bunch of textile brooches.
Using other scraps of stuff.
Then, step-by-step
the Hedge Witch
And Milly,
a little ghost dolly.
Things have gotten out of hand.
I'm spending at least 8 hours a the day in the studio 
working on too many projects
and having a grand time.

The latest obsession is a version of the letter game.
Remember how much I enjoyed 
Sorcery & Cece or the Enchanted Chocolate Pot?

I'm trying a version of the letter game
with my Baton Rouge grandkids.
I have all kinds of creative endeavors in mind
that I hope they will find entertaining.

Who knows if they will want to write return letters.
  They are kids--and it might not sound like fun to them.

But if they don't want to play,
I will have had the fun of planning
and imagining, and researching.


  1. I wish I've your talent and your skillful hands, Jenclair! They're beautiful!

  2. Oh what fun! So many wonderful things you are doing. I love the witch!

  3. Thanks, Melody! I love a place to play with all my toys!

    Stefanie, thank you! It is a lot of fun when I get busy with these little people.

  4. I am glad you are having such fun with your projects, Jenclair. I think it's wonderful. I'm envious of your craftiness and creativity.

  5. Wendy - :) I'm not keeping up as well as I should on reviewing, and my studio is a disaster, but I'm having fun!