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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Fangirl_15 by Aimee Roseland

Fangirl_15 is listed on NetGalley as New Adult/Science Fiction/Fantasy.  Is New Adult automatically romance?  Because Fan-Girl is certainly a paranormal romance with a little satire mixed in.  I think.

OK - so here is the gist of this novel:  Chloe is a fan (fanatical) of The Dark Rider series of a novels, but the author dies before finishing the penultimate novel.  The seventh novel is finished by someone else and in a manner that devastates Chloe.  Not only that, but the series is being concluded before the eighth and final book that was promised because the author's notes and projections were destroyed in the accident that killed her.

Chloe is both angry and distraught at this travesty of the author's original intentions.  She dreams of her favorite character, Lucian, the demon with a heart of gold.  Poor Lucian will be left stranded without ever finding his mate.  

Then a late-night attack in the parking lot of her office leaves Chloe unconscious, and when she awakes, she finds herself in another dimension--the world of the Dark Riders.  Unable to determine whether she is dreaming or suffering from brain damage, Chloe must navigate the world of her heroes, and she knows more about the world and the future of that world than do the characters themselves.

Determined to help Lucian find his mate, Chloe realizes that she is not only in fan-fiction-love with the demon with a forked tongue, but really loves him.  

The first part of the novel is kind of fun.  Most people at some time or another have had a crush on a character in a book or a film and will recognize Chloe's outrage and devastation when things don't go the way she hoped and expected.   And who wouldn't love the opportunity to reconfigure the story line in a more pleasing (our own) way....

In a way, the novel is a kind of manga without visuals, and Chloe is able to influence the action which is an engaging premise.

The conclusion, however, was very weak, muddled, and kind of freaky in a H.P. Lovecraftian way that didn't fit with the rest of the book.  

(My favorite character is Al, the butler; unfortunately he has the smallest role.  If I could interfere, I'd give a Al a great back-story and a bigger chunk of action.)

I'm not usually a fan of "romance novels," but I enjoyed this one and loved the premise of interfering with the plot and interacting with the characters.

Read in June;  blog post scheduled for July 5.


NA/Fantasy/Science Fiction/Fantasy/Romance.  July 8, 2014.  


  1. I'm fascinated with the plot; so refreshing and original. It's a pity that the ending is weak though.

  2. Melody - :) Wouldn't it be fun to meet some of your favorite characters? Of course, you'd have to be careful about what kind of novel you'd want to become involved with!

  3. It's too bad about the later part of the book, including the conclusion, because it sounded like it was really good up until that point.

    I've wondered that about New Adult too. It seems like most books I've come across with that heading end up with a good dose of romance.

  4. I really liked the concept and was sorry that the conclusion was a bust for me.

    I'd love to see the publishers' description for classifying "New Adult" books!