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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Toto Koopman

While reading The Art Restorer by Julian Sanchez, I became interested in the Spanish muralist Jose Maria Sert, and by digressing a little, in the life of his wife, Misia.  A true muse to the literary and art world of Paris.  I've mentioned some of this in my review of the novel.

Then by accident, as I was looking at the friends and associates of both Jose and Misia, I came across another book that I want to read. 

 Misia and Coco Chanel were friends, and one of Chanel's models was Toto Koopman.  Her life is as fascinating as that of Misia's, but certainly different as Toto ended up at Ravensbruck.  The book, by Jean-Noel Liaut is The Many Lives of Miss K:  Toto Koopman--Model, Muse, Spy

Here is a link to the article that grabbed my attention: 
Tinker, Tailor, Model, Spy.  

Some lives are almost too exotic and bizarre to believe.


  1. It's amazing the things people do! And then here I am. LOL I can't complain though. I like my life.

  2. :) I like mine, too. Love to read about the daring, but no desire to emulate. Surviving a concentration camp is a really iffy prospect. She did survive, though.

  3. Wow, that is fascinating reading. Outrageous life, a whole litany of "I can't believe that events."

  4. Fascinating article! - thank you for the link. I'm desperate to read more about her life now. But the locking-yourself-up-with-the-corpse-of-your-lover thing? - *ew*, EW.

  5. Teresa - If it were a novel, it wouldn't be believable!

    Vicki - I know--but that wasn't Toto's fault! Pretty weird, huh?