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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mixcellaneous Mix

I've updated my 2007 list of books with the August entries. Two books didn't get a review. Mademoiselle Victorine never involved me with either the characters or the story. Far-fetched? The only thing that interested me was the inclusion of Baudelaire as a character. The Millionth Circle was a new agey work that essentially said, over 87 double-spaced, centered pages, what could have been said in a paragraph...and was and was and was, over and over again. Nevertheless, August saw some real winners in both fiction and nonfiction. A very good month overall.

As soon as I finish Bridge of Sighs, I'll be delving into the R.I.P and Unread Authors challenges with gusto!

I've already mentioned the Cardathon Challenge when I discussed Challenges on Tuesday. The only thing I'm sure of is that I'll begin with Ender's Game (it has been years and years since I read it) and proceed from there working through as many Ender books as possible. Homebody is on my current list for the R.I.P. Challenge, and Chris recommended Treasure Box. Card will be making frequent appearances next year.

I finished and framed the bee balm, but have not started on the cone flowers or the crane yet. Will get another mat for the bee balm, Debbi suggested green, and I think that is a good choice and Mac agreed.

A garden visitor. click to enlarge


  1. Glad to hear of all the Card books, of course ;)

    The Bee Balm is gorgeous! Is there anything you don't do? Lol..How long does it take you to do something like that?

    We've had dragonflies galore out here. I don't think I've seen so many in years. Those and lizards..tons of lizards!

  2. Oh, gorgeous visitor! I love his coloring and that's a fantastic photo!

    As to the new-agey, repetitive thing . . . I've been trying to get through something like that, on the side. I may give up. Every time I pick it up, I think, "Okay, yes, you said that," and "But, I already do think that way." I sometimes wonder how such things end up in print on a bookstore shelf. Surely there is some better material crying out for publication.

  3. Chris -- I'll start collecting the Ender books before January, then see what happens.

    Thanks! I'm slow so everything takes me a long time. I started the bee balm in May, then put it aside until last week, but don't really know who many hours went into it.

    Bookfool -- If this book had been more than 87 pages (small pages), I wouldn't have finished it. Blah, blah, blah. The publishing industry should take a step back and exam why they bother on some of the books they publish...

  4. Your bee balm is lovely! Enjoy the Cardathon! I really liked Ender's Game, and bought a couple of the books that follow it, but haven't read them yet. I hesitate to take on another challenge, but I'm thinking about it since it doesn't start until January...

  5. Love the picture, Jenclair. Digital photography continues to amaze me. :-)

  6. Robin -- Bee balm is such a friendly looking plant, isn't it? The fact that the Cardathon doesn't start until January was a big selling point. :)

    Scarlet -- Thanks!

    Sam -- :) It amazes me, too. The problem is that I rarely get actual prints anymore!

  7. Beautiful photo. "Bridge of Sighs" is a lovely title. I look forward to your review.

    I'm still debating the Cardathon. I'm a little overwhelmed with challenges right now. Maybe by Nov or Dec, I can think more clearly. There's a series challenge as well that starts in Jan. I'm feeling the pull even now.

  8. Framed -- I loved Bridge of Sighs! Two current challenges and two prospective challenges (beginning in Jan.) and that's it for right now. They do exert this strange pull, don't they?