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Monday, January 21, 2008

Finished, Begun, In Progress, TBR

Finished An Absolute Gentleman yesterday and will try to get a review posted today. Fascinating first novel.

I'm trying to decide what to take with me to Savannah; although I know there won't be a lot of time to read, the plane ride must be taken in to account and one should always read before sleep. I put Little, Big aside a while back and keep forgetting about it, so it is definitely a possibility. The reason I put it aside is because I inadvertently read something that revealed a later event in the novel and that put me off.

Started Perdido Street Station by China Mieville and will have to give it another chance, but at this point, the novel isn't calling to me.

I've been very good about refusing to invest in more books so far this month. Will continue to resist the urge to order every new title, but have a long list to check to see if the library has available copies.

Deanna Raybourn's new novel is out (I read Silent in the Grave last March- reviewed here) and loved it. So I definitely want Silent in the Sanctuary, but will not, will not, will not order it!

Nothing but fiction this month, and that needs to change. Not one biography/memoir so far this month, and that must be remedied. I've several contenders in this category including The Lion and the Unicorn (Gladstone and Disraeli) recommended by Jill, one of Penelope Lively's autobiographies (maybe A House Unlocked), Travels with a Donkey (Robert Louis Stevenson) which received good reviews from Kate and Dorothy, and Four Seasons in Rome: On Twins, Insomnia, and the Biggest Funeral in the History of the World.


  1. Well I have to say An Absolute Gentleman sounds creepy! Can you imagine living next door to a monster like that?

    Are you going to Savannah, Georgia? It's so pretty down there.

    I haven't gotten around to reading any biographies yet either although I have a few I want to read sometime this year.

  2. Ohhh-that one about Gladstone and Disraeli sounds interesting! Of course, they really all do. :)

  3. If you liked SILENT IN THE GRAVE, I feel like you will enjoy SILENT IN THE SANCTUARY as well. Good luck on your resolve to not buy, came out in paperback. Just a small nudge. LOL I reviewed the new one a few days ago.

  4. Ladytink - Shudder! No, I can't even imagine living near someone like that.

    Savannah, GA is the destination for a long weekend. I'm really looking forward to the get-away!

    Eva -- Jill gave it a great review, and I'm interested in that historical period.

    Kay -- I may have to check out the paperback version!

  5. Oh Savannah! I think you know my feelings for Savannah! You really must go to The Book Lady on East liberty and E Shaver on 326 Bull Street. If you don't know about them already. They are the first two places we head every time we go.

  6. Deborah -- We passed The Book Lady, but didn't go in. It seemed that we were always hurrying someplace, and Fee was not really interested in book shops. Next time, I will make sure we get there.