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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Returned from Savannah Sunday afternoon. Wonderful trip! Such a beautiful and fascinating city. Here is the kitchen where we ate breakfast with the fire in the fireplace.
One of the gardens at the Gastonian Inn where we stayed.
I liked this door, but didn't go up stairs to see if Mr. Marlowe was in.Yesterday and today, I've been keeping Bryce so Amelia could get back to work to catch up on a few things. She and Bryce will be staying home tomorrow. I've been so lucky with both of my children and all 3 grandchildren. Good babies all. Feed, change, and admire them -- almost all that is required.

While in Savannah, I found that Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow's Big Changes was a great conversation aid. I'd started the book (an ARC from Anna that has been neglected for a long time) before leaving, but didn't take it with me because it is a 400 page hardback. Marc Penn is the pollster who spotted the importance and named the political force of the "Soccer Moms" in 1996. There were several conversations (with Fee and with people we met at the Gastonian or found ourselves talking to on a tour) that echoed things I'd just read: in 2005, single women were the second-largest group of home-buyers and women are investing and retiring alone (and the implications of this trend), commuter couples, and the working retired. The working retired trend has huge implications: politically and economically (for example, Penn notes that men & women who continue working after age 65 could help avert the Social Security crisis.

I have finished two books: Dedication by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Krause. and Forgive Me by Amanda Eyre Ward. Will review them soon. I'm over half way through The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly which was waiting for me when we returned from Savannah on Sunday. I have not read The Tea Rose which has several of the same characters, but I'm enjoying this one.

Gave in and bought a cookbook while in Savannah and read it through several times on the plane and in the airport on Sunday. Mmmm...some really good recipes.


  1. Tell me about the rose series !
    Sounds like a good get away - and a much needed one to !

  2. I LOVE reading cookbooks. I nearly always check out several on every trip to the library.

    I have Winter Rose sitting on my kitchen shelf. I haven't read anything by Donnelly, but have heard good things.

    What a treat for you and your daughter that you were able to spend some time with her and the new baby.

  3. I love the room where you breakfasted. One of my ideas of real luxury is being able to sit at a table like this over a long, long breakfast with a really good book and the knowledge that I don't have to rush off and do anything.

  4. It sounds like you had a lovely trip -- I love those pictures!

  5. What a pretty place Savannah is. Now I know why my former boss and her husband bought a historic townhouse there.

  6. Marie -- I finished Winter Rose last night. It was a fun read - long, but read so quickly. Will review soon.

    Booklogged -- This is a great cookbook to read. Lots of information about the inn/bed and breakfasts/restaurants where the recipes originated. It will be useful and is a good souvenir!

    I enjoyed Winter Rose. It was my first Donnelly, and it kept my attention throughout.

    Ann -- Some people ate in the dining room, but the kitchen was the best and we were always early enough to get in there. I love breakfast, and it was such a pleasure to have someone serve it in such a gracious atmosphere.

    Dorothy -- Savannah is the most beautiful city I've ever visited. There is something to impress you everywhere you turn.

  7. Stefanie - You must have commented while I was replying! Savannah is beautiful and has 20+ squares in the "old town" area. You walk a few blocks and find your self walking through a beautiful park! The architecture, the squares, the river--I would love to be able to afford one of the lovely homes in the historic district. Your boss and her husband are lucky to live there!

  8. Just beautiful. Glad you had a good time. I'd love to visit sometime as well. I've got WINTER ROSE on my shelf here and am glad to hear that you liked it. Maybe it will move up the pile soon.

  9. I'm sorta late on this, but glad you enjoyed your trip. Youll have to share some of those Southern receipes now, Jenclair! :)

  10. Kay -- We had a great time! I did enjoy The Winter Rose - a long beach read!

    LK -- As soon as I try some of the recipes, I'll share!

  11. Those are great pictures, especially that tea room. Makes me hungry for good food, good friends, and a comfy fire just looking at it.

  12. Carl - Enjoying good food and comfy fires are always better with friends! We had a great time, but we both commented several times about how various friends would have enjoyed certain aspects of the trip.

  13. yeah more pictures of savannah!

    microtrends sounds like something right up my alley!

    I can smell a sweet potato pie cooking right now.....

  14. kimy -- There are only a couple of people who read both blogs so I love it when you and Marie comment.

    Microtrends is fascinating. I need to do another post on it because the info is so interesting.