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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

In Review

I read fewer books this year than last year, but I probably read as many pages; I just couldn't bring myself to try and add them up.

My goal was to read more nonfiction and more books in the category of biography/memoir. Achieved! I also read some pretty scientific nonfiction and some interesting social trend nonfiction. In fact, all that I read in nonfiction proved well worth the while!

Total: 106 books

A quick breakdown:

26 nonfiction
79 fiction

44 books by male authors

65 books by female authors

13 biography/memoir

1 essay collection

1 short story collection

I started trying to determine the best books in the nonfiction category, but could not narrow it down enough. Most of the biographies were excellent, and the general nonfiction books had too many that would also qualify.

The best fiction was Russo's Bridge of Sighs.

Favorite New Authors:

David Weber - science fiction/ space opera
Deanna Rayburn - historical mystery
Catherynne Valente - fantasy
Kate Elliot - fantasy
Aretha Franklin - historical mystery
Jason Goodwin - historical mystery
C.J. Sansom - historical mystery
Brunonia Barry - general fiction
D. J. Taylor - historical mystery

.Here is a link to the complete list: 2007 Books


  1. more inspiration for me to keep a list in 08! I do love lists!!

  2. p.s. I didn't find special topics in calamity physics on your list? one of my favorite reads of this past year (along with water for elephants)

  3. Jenclair, you know that Deanna Raybourn has a new book just out? LOL Just to whet your appetite!

  4. Happy New Year! Congrats on achieving your goal too! Wishing you a great reading year ahead :)

  5. I'll have to look up Kate Elliot on your blog and see what she's written! I had the same experience with non-fiction: once I made myself read it, I really liked it and learned from it.

  6. Wow! You read an amazing amount of books this year. And I enjoyed reading through your stats. I am really looking forward to reading Bridge of Sighs one day.

  7. The Russo is at the top of my TBR pile so I can't wait to start it now. The thing that I've noticed from all the reviews of 2007 that I've read is how few books in translation those of us who are native English speakers read. I'm really guilty in this area so if I have a resolution it's going to be to try and expand my horizons in this area. My f2f group is reading Colette this month so that is a start at least.

  8. It sounds like you had a great year! Congrats on fulfilling your goal to read more nonfiction.

  9. Kim - Oh, yes, lists and statistics about books are great fun.

    Sorry, I know you recommended Special Topics in Calamity Physics, but I never got around to it; it is now on my list!

    Kay -- no, I didn't realize she had one out already. Thanks for letting me know. I'm going to the library tomorrow and will look for it!

    iliana - Thanks! The nonfiction proved some of my best reads.

    Eva - Elliot writes fantasy and last year I read Spirit Gate: Book One of the Crossroads and really enjoyed it. I'm waiting for Book Two!

    L.F. - I liked the way so many people broke their reading down into smaller categories as you did, and next year I'm going to try to do that.

    Ann - I read several books in translation, but didn't keep track. That is a category I'd like to add for next year.

    Hope you enjoy the Russo as much as I did and that you and your ftf group get a lot out of Colette!

    Dorothy - I plan to continue reading in the nonfiction category as it proved both entertaining and educational. I may dip into the 18th century, too, as I've added quite a few titles from your blog.

  10. You know, I don't guess I realized you're in Bossier City. I grew up in Texarkana and have family in the Shreveport area.

    Looks like you did very well with your book goals in 2007. Have a wonderful 2008!

  11. I'll have to do a post on mine when I get home Friday. Great list!!!

  12. Nicely done, had a great year. I'm excited about wiping the slate clean and starting a fresh year with the usual good-reading intentions that somehow never seem to really happen. :-)

  13. 106. Oh, I am jealous. What a great year. Congratulations.

  14. M.M. -- A home town girl, huh? Are you still in the South?

    I set very simple goals - it is easy to achieve them! :) "Read more nonfiction" last year, this year will be "continue reading biographies and nonfiction." Can't go wrong with goals like that - no numbers and carefully worded for success.

    Lady - I'll get over to see how you fared soon.

    Sam - it was a good year. I read fewer books, but I read some really good ones.

    Bybee - Hope we all have good experiences in 2008!

  15. Wow, I'm impressed. Congratulations on reaching your reading goals. I didn't quite reach mine, but that's ok, I certainly had a good time trying! All the best to you for 2008!!

  16. Great list. I haven't read any of David Weber's books yet. One of the things I'm going to track this year is male vs. female authors. It isn't something I've thought of before and certainly won't influence how or why I pick the books I do, but it would be a fun stat to track.

  17. Lisa -- Like I say my goals were easily achieved. :) The only goal so far for '08 is to continue reading nonfiction! Not 5 or 10 or one a month. Not even more.

    Carl -- I have loved the Honor Harrington series by Weber and the first one in the new series he has begun - Off Armageddon Reef. I saw the male/female breakdown on someone else's blog and decided I was curious about how it would pan out.

    I wanted to break things down further - mystery, fantasy, science fiction, etc., but it would have taken more time.