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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fathers and Sins

Bannister, Jo. Fathers and Sins. Although I liked the main character, Agnes was just a bit too good to be true and in the final few pages, I felt her behavior seemed contradictory, as if she'd done an about face.

General impression: Not up to Bannister's best. Characterization weak, tempo off, plot untidy, motivation confused. Quite short.

Fiction. Mystery. 2008. 201 pages.


  1. I'm extremely jealous of your ability to do a coherent book review in so few sentences and still relate the feel of the book. I tend to blather on way too long. I don't enjoy reading really long reviews and try not to write them, but I have to watch myself because I do tend to be wordy.

  2. Lisa said it so well. I wish I had your skill for concise and insightful but brief reviews!

  3. Lisa - Easier in some cases than in others!

    bookfool - You and Lisa know that not all my reviews are concise or brief! I may need to try the 6 word reviews again, but even then, I couldn't let it rest without adding more. :)

  4. I was thinking the same as Lisa and Bookfool when I read your review. I would never have thought to mention a book's tempo. I wish you would come over for a glass of ice cold lemonade (or cocoa, if it's cold) and teach me about reading a book and writing a good review.

  5. Just wanted to check how you did during the hurricane - any tree issues or ongoing power outages?

  6. cheya - Oh, wouldn't it be nice to be able to share a little lemonade (or cocoa) and actually talk about books in person!

    Jenny - I'm in northwest Louisiana and the worst was a huge limb in the driveway. Thank goodness I'd had a tree service come on Aug. 5 to remove all limbs over the house and take down a huge tree between my house and my neighbors!