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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Moving Forward: Taking the Lead in Your Life

Pelzer, Dave. Moving Forward: Taking the Lead in Your Life.

Oh, I don't know. I agree with the statement, "...the lives we live are the lives we make" (the bold and italics are part of the original quote).

The book, however, seems another example of a self-help book that can be capsulized in one sentence and the rest becomes a bit monotonous. Pelzer was subjected to horrible abuse as a child and has evidently overcome many of the obstacles in his path, and yet ...

How strange that I don't quibble with the premise, and yet I quibble with the book itself. There was a reason that it took me so long to finish.

Pelzer has written at least 9 books, has a radio show, and is a popular public speaker.

This one is an ARC.

Nonfiction. Self-help. 2008. 192 pages.

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