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Thursday, August 21, 2008

This and That

Skip To My Lou has been posting some terrific ideas to encouraging reading- the series is Bloggy Book and Craft-a-thon, and I especially love the Day 6 (book marks specific to the book) and Day 4 (torn paper collage) . What creative ways to encourage kids to read!

Vanilla Joy also has some excellent ideas about reading with children.

I think The Invention of Hugo Cabret (reviewed in yesterday's post) would offer a ton of creative activities - and that would be such fun.

Still have a couple of reviews left -- the J.A. Jance and a Reginald Hill (you know I love the Pascoe & Dalziel seried) that I had not read. Hill is tops in the genre, and one of my favorite writers period.

A couple of new ARC's: One More Year: Stories by Sana Krasikov and When the White House Was Ours by Porter Shreve (a novel loosely based on his own family and the alternative school they founded in Washington, D.C.)

I've started the one by Porter Shreve (have to wonder about his family background since Shreveport, named after Henry Miller Shreve, is where I grew up and is still just across the river). I'm not quite half-way through, but do want to share one quote from the mother whose son says he didn't lie, he just didn't tell what he knew: "Secrets and lies are two sides of the same coin. Only, one is hidden and the other is face up."


  1. One More Year seems to be getting a lot of coverage lately. I hope it'll be a good one.

    I read one Pascoe & Dalziel book but it was a book of short stories and I didn't really get into it much. I think I really should start at the beginning of the series and see how I like it.

  2. iliana - I'm hoping that One More Year will be good.

    I think Pascoe & Dalziel need time to grow on you in some cases. I liked them better with each novel. The same thing happened for me with Martha Grimes.