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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Waters Rising by Sheri S. Tepper

The Waters Rising is the first novel I've read by Tepper in a long time, and in spite of the mostly positive reviews, I found it less than riveting.  I could almost like the characters, but not quite.  I don't mean I disliked them, but that I couldn't quite believe in them.  They felt thin, for the most part;  there were plenty of details, but the characters just didn't quite breathe.  The plot didn't really create a sense of suspense for me, either.  The novel seems heavy, pedantic.  Yes, human beings are destructive, to themselves and to the environment--a worthy, if not original theme, but the imagined result of the novel didn't work for me. 

The little twist at the end was not a surprise either.

Other  reviews: Killing Time Reading, Between the Covers

Fiction.  Fantasy/SciFi.  2010.  512 pages.

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  1. I read my first Tepper novel this year. The Gate to Women's Country and liked it quite a bit. I am probably not going for this one but I think she is an interesting writer and I would like to read another one. Do you have any suggestions?