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Friday, February 11, 2011

A Brush with Death by Elizabeth J. Duncan

A Brush with Death is a cozy.  The cover caught my attention, and books about old letters, etc. always interest me.

 Penny Brannigan inherits a cottage from a friend and as she cleans it out discovers some old letters.  Her friend had a lesbian relationship in the 1960's, but her lover, an artist, had been killed in an unsolved hit-and-run.  Although there were some suspicious circumstances, the death was eventually written off as an accident.

Penny begins looking for more information, hoping to solve the mystery.  I enjoyed Penny's friends in the small Welsh village of Llanelen.

The novel is a typical cozy in that there is no graphic violence and setting and community are important aspects of the mystery.

Light, but fun.

Fiction.  Mystery/Cozy.  2010.  258 pages.


  1. Jenclair, I am putting this on my cozy mystery wish list! Sounds interesting!

  2. Sherri - It was a quick read, and I enjoyed it. Duncan has some other Penny Brannigan mysteries that I might try.