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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

In the Mail and ...

I've forgotten to mention that Nancy (Bookfool) sent me a copy of The Ingram Interview this last week.  Thanks, Nancy, I appreciate it!

Also in the mail, West of Here by Jonathan Evison, an ARC from Algonquin Books.    From Publishers Weekly:  "A big novel about the discovery and rediscovery of nature, starting over, and the sometimes piercing reverberations of history, this is a damn fine book."  

More sleet and snow expected today.  Here's the snowman I made last week.

Reading The Film Club and thoroughly enjoying it.  Putting off reviewing several books.  Playing in the studio with cloth and clay. 


  1. Love the snowman!! I love the hat-very creative Jenclair!

  2. Thanks, Sherri! And by the way, I loved the email on the dogs, especially the quote by Will Rogers!

  3. Thanks for the mention of West of Here. Algonquin is one of my favorite publishers and I have put this one on my "to read" list for 2011. I love the snowman, too! We have a larger one out on the front porch, leftover from the Christmas season. He looks right at home, nestling in the snow drifts we've had for the last ten days!

  4. Annie Joy - I'm looking forward to reading West of Here.

    We so rarely get snow and ice, can't imagine a snowman that would last for 10 days!

  5. I am so sick of snow. The banks are so high here we are running out of places to put it!

    I am curious about The Film Club, so look forward to your review!

  6. I hope you enjoy The Ingram Interview. Nan of Letters from a Hill Farm wrote a fabulous review of it.

    Your snowman is so cute!!

    I got a copy of West of Here from Algonquin, too. I cannot wait to read it. It sounds so good.

  7. Kailana - The Film Club is a great resource for old movies. For any lover of films, it is a delight.

    Bookfool - I'm thoroughly enjoying The Ingram Interview--definitely quirky, but I like it!

    I'm looking forward to West of Here!