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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Poems


The Kiss
by Stephen Dunn

She pressed her lips to mind.
 —a typo

How many years I must have yearned
for someone’s lips against mind.
Pheromones, newly born, were floating
between us. There was hardly any air.

She kissed me again, reaching that place
that sends messages to toes and fingertips,
then all the way to something like home.
Some music was playing on its own.

Nothing like a woman who knows
to kiss the right thing at the right time,
then kisses the things she’s missed.
How had I ever settled for less?

I was thinking this is intelligence,
this is the wisest tongue
since the Oracle got into a Greek’s ear,
speaking sense. It’s the Good,

defining itself. I was out of my mind.
She was in. We married as soon as we could.
San Antonio  
by Naomi Shihab Nye

Tonight I lingered over your name,
the delicate assembly of vowels
a voice inside my head.
You were sleeping when I arrived.
I stood by your bed
and watched the sheets rise gently.
I knew what slant of light
would make you turn over.
It was then I felt 
the highways slide out of my hands.
I remembered the old men
in the west side cafe,
dealing dominoes like magical charms.
It was then I knew,
like a woman looking backward,
I could not leave you,
or find anyone I loved more.


  1. Oh, my. I't not a romantic, poetry type person. But I love these. So. Then again. Maybe I am. :o)


  2. These are great! I especially like the Dunn poem. Thanks for posting these!

  3. Kathy - I don't care for syrupy poems, but I like both of these. My favorite poem by Naomi Shihab Nye is A Valentine for Ernest Mann.

    Stefanie - I love the "typo" and the way he plays on it!