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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Old Magic by Marianne Curley (R.I.P.)

Old Magic is a YA novel about Kate, who is training to be a witch, and Jarrod, who has no idea about the powers he possesses.  Jarrod's powers can be dangerous, especially since he doesn't believe in them, and therefore, has no control over them.

Kate is something of a social outcast, and Jarrod wants desperately to fit in with the high school clique--or just about anywhere, for that matter, as his family has been on the move most of his life.  The two are thrown together because Kate recognizes Jarrod's powers and wants him to realize the importance of acknowledging and controlling them.

There is a family curse, some time travel, a wicked illegitimate sorcerer.

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R.I.P. Challenge.

Fiction.  YA/ Paranormal/Time Travel.  2009.  400 pages.


  1. I like that cover. This sounds like a fun one. I can't believe I haven't even chosen my RIP reads yet - yikes!

  2. I really enjoyed this book. Thanks for posting your review. Cover is awesome.

  3. Iliana - It is a good cover, isn't it? I like continuing this challenge into November. October is still like summer here in the South, isn't it. November is a good month for R.I.P. books.

    Melinda - It was a quick and fun read!