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Thursday, October 20, 2011

This and That

Sam posted  about public bookshelves in Germany and Portugal.  What a great idea.

Still working on the books for the R.I.P. Challenge.  Not as much success this year, but I have finished two more books that I need to review:  The Night Strangers and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Some of this year's Halloween crafting:

Black cat sculpted from air drying clay and standing on an old rusted grater.
Terracotta pot with Mod Podged napkins, a pumpkin poppet made last year, a bat from Michael's, and fall foliage from Michael's.

 Fabric flowers and another black cat head that never got a body.

Bitter and Boo--cloth and clay dolls and fabric and burlap pumpkins.
Rag garland ( just strips torn from Halloween fabrics) with skeletons from Michael's.

I love Halloween!


  1. What gorgeous decorations! I just love when you show the crafting you've been up to. Much admiration from me, says the person with 10 thumbs...LOL.

  2. The fall foliage is stunning. And I love the rag garland with the skelton too. How nice to be so talented.

  3. Kay - Thanks! It keeps me pretty busy each October.

    Kailana - Thanks, Kelly. I have a good time playing.

    Cath - I've had trouble with this one. The cats have a great attraction for it, and it ended up on top of the kitchen cabinets. They've only been up there twice!

  4. I love the new black cat doll! Love all the other Fall decorations too!

  5. I love all your crafts! You are so talented. The cat is my favorite. Fun holiday!

  6. Sherri - Thanks, Sherri!

    Les - I can spend all day in the studio having fun! Thanks, Les.

  7. all very cool stuff... i esp like the cat in the first photo and the raven tag...

  8. Love your little clay/cloth dolls!

    Mariette xox

  9. Wow, you are very crafty! those are amazing

  10. Anne - Not surprised you notice the raven! Thanks!

    artlover - Thanks, Mariette!

    bookmagic - I'm always busy crafting and making dolls at this time of year. The spirit move me!

  11. Oh Jenclair! You are a goddess of craftiness! Love the cat.

  12. Stefanie - :) Love the title...think I have a crown somewhere. Do goddesses wear crowns? Thanks so much for the nice words!