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Friday, January 04, 2013

I'm frantically trying

to catch up with reviews of books 
read before January 1, 2013.  
Not that it makes any difference to anyone but me,
 but I had wanted to get them all done in December, 
and of course, that didn't happen.

For several reasons, I read fewer books in 2012 than usual.  
One big reason has to do with my obsession 
with Korean Drama on Hulu and Drama Fever. 
 Instead of reading for several hours after dinner, 
I would retreat upstairs 
and watch K Drama while embroidering
 or working on eccentric figures. 

 The result: fewer books, but more craft.

 I made book dolls, Halloween figures-witches,
ghosts, and black cats,
strange eccentrics with wire hair
and watch parts and Monopoly pieces,
prim Santas and mice and sheep; 
prayer flags, small encrusted pieces, 
a very few Alzheimer's art quilts,
 a boro jacket, a slow cloth embroidered shirt 
which is still in progress and probably will be forever.
cloth and clay Santa, muslin sheep
clay and glittered snowman in egg cup
tiny muslin primitive Santa in wool coat and cap

prim muslin snowman on old bobbin
muslin mice dressed in left over scraps from other projects
Another clay snow man, mounted on old bobbin, but I painted this bobbin
trio of witches, one on a "wheelie" broom stick

tiny clay figures on papier mache box covered with book pages
Oh, I love glitter!
altered baby doll made this year and witch made last year
clay Baker's Man on vintage eggbeater; crow from Michael's
Slow cloth embroidery on Fee's old shirt that I've been working on forever
and will probably never finish.
That is just a portion of what occupied me from Oct. - Dec.,
all the while watching my Korean shows.
Can't complain--
the sewing and sculpting gave me an excuse 
to indulge in a myriad of Korean saegeuk, 
comedy, mystery, and mythic adaptations.
Or the other way around.

I am, after all of the holidays,
the company, the celebrating, the friends and family,
the general business, and the clean-up,
now back in a full reading mode.
Indulging in print this week.

And reviewing.
I've decided to do more grouping
of two or three books per post
when there is a common theme.
That should help.

Best Wishes 
for 2013!


  1. You are prolifically curious, inventive and adept.

    Your creations will delight many hearts.

  2. You certainly have alot of wonderful projects!! Keep it up in 2013!!

  3. I adore all of your artistic projects. I am not really crafty or anything like that, so I just appreciate others that are. :)

  4. Edgar - I'm going to bask in that description for a long time! Thanks!

    Sherri - I love keeping my idle hands busy with cloth, clay, and turning pages of a good book!

    Kailana - Your creative photos are pretty inspiring, Kelly! Love the ones of Casey!

  5. Oh my goodness, look at all those marvelous things you made! You are so talented.

  6. Wow, you are one creative chick! Do you sell your creations somewhere, like Etsy, or just keep them or give to friends and relatives?

  7. Stefanie - Thanks! I have fun alternating between different obsessions--retirement is wonderful!

    Nancy - I mostly give them to friends and relatives; too lazy to open an Etsy shop! Thanks, Nancy, and I do hope you enjoy The Dalai Lama's Cat.