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Monday, September 16, 2013

Just One Evil Act by Elizabeth George

Just One Evil Act is the most recent in the Inspector Lynley series.

When Barbara Havers' friend and neighbor tells her that his (only recently returned) wife Angelina has taken their daughter Hadiyyah and disappeared again, Barbara is determined to help.

Unfortunately, some of the help Barbara instigates has less than satisfactory results.  Then Azhar's wife re-appears in London outraged, accusing Azhar of stealing their daughter from her.

Azhar tries to convince Angelina that he has not taken Hadiyyah and returns to Italy to aid in the search for their kidnapped daughter.  Although Havers cannot get permission to go to Italy as liaison,  she does manage to get a rather reluctant Inspector Lynley assigned to the position.

Lynley and Italian detective Inspectorre Salvatore Lo Bianco hit it off and work together quite well.  I liked Salvatorre so much that I'd love to see George give him his own series!   

After George's sneaky treatment of Helen in an earlier book, I find I can't trust her at all, which makes the search for Hadiyyah pretty nerve-wracking.  The kidnapping, surprisingly, is resolved about mid-book, which throws another kink in the ability to predict where Elizabeth George will take the story.  And, indeed, off we go on another puzzling mystery.

Some events, I could predict, but not all.  Also there was an awful lot of the private investigator sections that could easily been left out.  There was also a good bit of repetition that could have been cut for a sleeker effect (and besides we don't have to hear a person's reasoning multiple times).

Predictably, Barbara Havers acts impulsively, although with loyalty and a good heart.  It is painful to watch her screw up, to see the enmity John Stewart directs toward, to fear for her job, and to find Lynley begin to have doubts about her.

A bit of a twisty tale, but typical Elizabeth George and a fine mystery to keep you occupied.

Again, I like Inspectorre Lo Bianco and would really like more of him.

NetGalley/Penguin Group/Dutton

Mystery/Police Procedural.  Oct.  15, 2013.  Print version:  736 pages.


  1. I'd like to keep reading in this series. I've read only the first two, so I know I have a lot of good books ahead of me!

  2. It is a great series! You will enjoy it!