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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Academy--Introductions and First Days

The Academy--Introductions by C. L. Stone.

Well, talk about a teen-age girls fantasy.  Seven hunks and all of them nice guys.  With abs.

Not much plot, as this is a lead-in to a series, but with one girl and seven guys as the main characters an introduction is gonna' take time.  A silly, far-fetched fantasy.  Yep.

So why did I want to know what happens next enough to read the next in the series.

This one was free through Net/Galley, but I actually purchased the next one.  (Oh, the ebook is also free on Amazon.)

NetGalley/Arcato Publishing

YA.  1st edition 2012; 2nd Dec. 2013.  Print Version:  277 pages.

The Academy--First Days

OK, school starts for Sang Sorenson and her cortege of seven merry (and beautiful) young men.  The school is a bit rough and tumble, so why are the seven Academy boys attending? The Academy is obviously an elite school, and the public school has plenty of dangers.  Why are some of the Academy teachers on loan to the school along with the boys?And what the heck IS the Academy?

Just as silly and just as addictive as the first book.  Sheer indulgence.  I think I need the third book.

YA.  April 2013.  Print Version:  280 pages.

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