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Friday, September 13, 2013

What Up? Reading!

Aside from reading like a madwoman, I have been working off and on more clay figures, many are assemblage with found objects.  

And again, off and on, with experiments in weaving. Those experiments are on my craft & miscellaneous blog.  My latest interest is spinning with a drop spindle.  I ordered Respect the Spindle almost a year ago, but got so busy with other things that I forgot about it.  When the interest in spinning re-emerged, I found the book and am reading it a little at a time.  

I've also ordered Learning to Weave that I'm looking forward to reading.  Doing the branch weaving was particularly fun because the pieces were small, and I could use both my fine pearl cotton and various yarns both.

I'm not interested in a big loom; I'll happily stick with hand weaving.  Maybe after reading Respect the Spindle, I'll be ready to order a spindle (I've plenty of wool fiber that I use for felting) and make an attempt at spinning my own yarn.  

Several other nonfiction books are in progress, but I'm only able to digest a little at a time.  Especially ones with instructions.  I've also neglected my biographical book about Vera Atkins and the SOE.

The fiction I'm reading at the moment is a most delightful supernatural mystery involving Detective Inspector Wei Chen.  It is tongue-in-cheek funny and suspenseful at the same time.   Snake Agent is the first in the Detective Chen novels, but if continues to be this much fun, I will certainly be looking for the rest in the series.  

I'm sorry that I didn't sign up for the RIP Challenge this year because I've read so many books in the last two months that would be perfect.

Snake Agent
A Study in Ashes
A Study in Darkness
Bellman & Black
The Thin Space
Delia's Shadow
The Cheesemaker's House
Two of the Wayward Pines series
Disenchanted & Co

Some I've already reviewed and some are scheduled closer to their release dates because they are ARCs from NetGalley.

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  1. Oh how cool. You'll definitely have to post your works in progress from your weaving adventures!