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Saturday, October 19, 2013

From My Studio

Ghosties inspired byMarie Claire Idees
Just finished the black sheep.
Bitter doll is from last year.

 New pillow slips finished.
 New little 4" mouse finished.
 Unfinished papier mache head from years past
painted and topping dress form.

More homemade Halloween, 
new and old,
on my Flickr.

I must make time for book reviews!


  1. These are great! I love seeing your creations.

  2. Love these! Your style is so unique. I tend to be more of a "copier" and rarely do anything that hasn't already been done. Or doesn't look like someone else's work. I'm a good way. ;)

  3. Jenny, Iliana, and Marie -- Thanks, ladies! I have a lot of fun playing in my studio, usually with half a dozen projects going on at once!

  4. Love all your new fall "dolls" and other creations. Enjoyed the stuffies, too. What personality E. B. gave her drawings! It's fall, time to get together again! TERESA

  5. Thanks, Teresa! Yes, this is a good time of year for "reunion." :)

  6. Oh my gosh! Those are so cute, Jenclair! You are very talented.

  7. Your ghosts are so cute! The witch is pretty awesome though I have a feeling if I had something like her at my house I'd see her in the dark and be terrified that someone had broken into my house!

  8. LF - Thanks! I can spend entire days upstairs playing!

    Stefanie - :0 The witch has startled me once, but my husband comes up behind me when I'm concentrating and makes me scream!