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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Marcie's Murder by Michael J. McCann

Marcie's Murder

After receiving The Rainy Day Killer from NetGalley, I broke down and bought Blood Passage.  When I recently found that my interest was waning in some of the books I'd started, I gave in and ordered two more by McCann:  Marcie's Murder and The Fregoli Delusion.

In Marcie's Murder, Hank Donaghue finds his otherwise uneventful vacation interrupted by an accusation of murder in the small town of Harmony.  His phone call, when he eventually gets it, is not to his lawyer, but to Detective Karen Stainer.  

When Hank is finally released, he and Stainer are asked to help in the investigation.  Although not at all happy about his treatment, Hank does agree to help--partly because he had seen the woman shortly before she was murdered.  

He and Stainer have had a lot more experience with murder than the small town of Harmony.  The two work well together, capitalizing on their differences in personality and technique.

I'm enjoying this series and each book works efficiently as a stand-alone.  Even though I started with newest in the series, I liked it well enough to go back and pick up the earlier books. The characters are likable, and the contrast between Donaghue and Stainer keeps things interesting.  

Mystery/Crime.  2012.  Print version:  258 pages.

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words about Marcie's Murder and the series. I'm very gratified that you like the characters and have enjoyed their stories! All the best, MJMc