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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Dante Connection by Estelle Ryan

The Dante Connection is the second in Estelle Ryan's series about Genevieve Lenard, autistic and OCD, but capable of reading non-verbal communication.  I read this one before reading The Gauguin Connection, which I also thoroughly enjoyed and reviewed here.   

Quick review of characters:  Genevieve, whose skills include reading non-verbal communication with astonishing accuracy and identifying patterns that aid her insurance company spot fraud; Philip, her boss; Manny, the fractious detective; Colin, the sympathetic art thief; Vinny, Colin's enormous sidekick with the tender heart, and Francine, the talented computer hacker.

In the first book, Genevieve's structured life is turned upside-down with all of the new individuals she must adjust to.  As The Dante Connection opens, Genevieve is feeling betrayed and abandoned by her friends, who have either seemingly abandoned her or have been withholding information from her.  

When Colin and Vinnie re-appear, Genevieve is reluctant to renew her trust in them.  As events develop, however, she must rely on them for her safety and to capture the ruthless villain seeking revenge.

Another exciting adventure with interesting characters!  

This is the one from NetGalley, but as soon as I finished it, I ordered The Gauguin Connection.  Now, I'm ready for The Braque Connection, the third in the series!


Mystery.  2013.  Print Length:  348 pages.


  1. On your recommendation I've just "bought - price is $0.00) The Gauguin Collection for my Kindle. Thanks for the tip. Looks good.

  2. Mary, I do hope you enjoy it! And the price is right!