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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Hacked by Geri Hosler

Hacked   draws on the phone hacking scandal involving Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation and in the 2011 London riots.        
The novel is the first in a proposed series featuring Liz Paxton, head of a London Murder Squad, Hacked   follows Liz in her attempts to find the murderer of a reporter who had been in the middle of the phone hacking scandal.  

His illegally acquired information had led even the reporter, accustomed to being in possession of dangerous information implicating the rich and powerful in crime or scandal, to be fearful of his life.

Characters:  the redoubtable Liz, her best friend Lou; a newspaper powerhouse; a war hero; a scary psychopath;  a villainous Russion Oligarch (is villainous redundant in regard to Russian Oligarchs?), and some incompetent or corrupt officials.

I'm afraid I had reservations about the friendship of Liz and Lou--police and press, you know.  It also bothers me when people fall in love withing a 2-3 day time span.  Lust, maybe, but really deep-seated emotions?  I find that trope questionable, annoying, and over-used.

All in all, fast-paced, but not tremendously satisfying.


Mystery/Crime.  2013.  Print length:  256 pages.


  1. Right there with you when it comes to love too soon. It isn't very believable and yet it happens all the time in books.

  2. I love a good romance thrown in with a mystery but like you said not within such a short period. Make me interested in the characters and make their relationship believable!