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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Runner by Patrick Lee

Runner  (note the endorsement by Lee Child on the cover) sounds like an exciting thriller.

And it starts out that way.  Sam Dryden has been unable to get his life in order after the death of his wife and child.  In recent months, he has felt compelled to take midnight runs.

When he takes his run on the night in question, a terrified girl runs into him.  Sam decides to help her escape her pursuers.  Even for an ex-Delta, this escape proves difficult because the men who want to capture and kill twelve-year-old Rachel have unusual means and technology.

As events transpire, Sam discovers that Rachel is a mind-reader and knowledge that frightens some powerful individuals.  In his need to protect Rachel, Sam begins to  feel alive and purposeful again.  The attachment of man and child grows, and Sam is willing to risk his life to save hers.

Aside from the technology and manpower launched in the search for Sam and Rachel (which is beyond anything available today...I hope), things grow a bit too fantastical to prevent me from nitpicking and disengaging from the plot.

If the author had kept things a little more contained, I would have liked it better.  This is the third book I've read recently with MKUltra (CIA mind control project) elements; only this one adds genetic modifications to the list of ways to manipulate and control individuals.

NetGalley/St. Martin's Press/Minotaur Books

Suspense/Action.  Publication date says Feb. 2014, but I see plenty of reviews already.  
Print version:  352 pages.


  1. This one certainly sounds exciting! It's too bad the author wasn't able to contain it better.

  2. Not my typical read but I kind of like the sound of this one. I think in the right mood I might enjoy it. Do you know if this is a standalone or if there's a series planned?