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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Thoughts

Believe me, I appreciate NetGalley.  Getting books for free is a wonderful gift for readers, and I'm well aware of that.  While there are cycles when the books don't really appeal to me after I begin reading, there are cycles when I have an excess of good books and hate deciding which to start next.

Sometimes I discover new-to-me authors that I enjoy and can order other books they've written with more confidence.  This is especially nice if the author is prolific--lots of good reading in the offing.  

Sometimes a debut novel introduces an author that just nails it from that first effort, and I know I'll be following that author, waiting for his or her next effort.  But this can be frustrating if it is a series, because I hate waiting for the next installment.

Another frustration occurs when I have to schedule a book review up to six months or more away.   If I really like the book, I want to talk about it NOW.  And this has just happened with two books:

The Emperor's Blades by Brian Staveley is an excellent fantasy novel.  Great characters, well-written, and engrossing, but it won't be published until next May. 

 I will have to schedule the review for April.

Just received an email from Brian Staveley and the book will be released Jan. 14, rather than in May.  :)

Bred in the Bone by Christoper Brookmyre is part of a series (so I can go back and pick up two earlier books and/or some of his other novels).  A complex police procedural set in Glasgow, Bred in the Bone kept me completely involved.  Another May release. 


  1. I know what you mean! Unfortunately (or fortunately), I'm behind in my reviews as it is so this hasn't been a recent problem for me (I'm on a self-imposed ban from the site for the time being--until I catch up, at least!).

  2. I went through a disappointing spell with NetGalley because I chose a number of books that I didn't enjoy and couldn't finish.

    Right now, I'm on a role with 4 recent books that I really enjoyed!

    I always check when the books will be archived after missing a few that I wanted to read.