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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Night Is Forever by Heather Graham

The Night Is Forever is set in Tennessee on a horse farm that functions as a therapy center.  When Olivia Gordon discovers Marcus Denby, owner and founder of the therapy center, dead in a ravine, she is grief-stricken; when Marcus actually appears to Olivia and tells her that he was murdered, the shock causes her to faint.

Olivia, one of the therapists at the center, refuses to accept the verdict that Marcus fell of the wagon and took the drugs that killed him, but is can only assert her belief that after 30 years, Marcus would not have fallen back into addiction.  She can hardly explain that his ghost told her that he was murdered.

Olivia contacts her cousin Malachi--a member of the Krewe, a special FBI unit that deals with ghosts and the supernatural--and asks for his help.  

Special Agent Dustin Blake is sent in to investigate.

Lots of ghosts, puzzling murders, plenty of possible suspects, and a little romance.

The Night Is Forever provided a light and entertaining mystery.  It is part of a series about the FBI unit, The Krewe of Hunters, but I did not realize that, and the book functions perfectly well as a stand-alone.  


Paranormal/Mystery.  Sept. 2013.  Print length:  363 pages.

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