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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Medieval Mysteries

Forsaken Soul by Priscilla Royal is the fifth in her Medieval Mysteries series.  I've enjoyed each of these books set in 13th century England at the fictitious Tyndale Priory. Forsaken Soul finds Prioress Eleanor's friend Ralph the Crowner widowed and with an infant,  brutal Martin the Cooper is murdered, and the new anchoress is causing a stir.  Prioress Eleanor, Sister Ann, and Brother Thomas once again have their work cut out for them.

Medieval Mystery.  2008.  Print version:  224 pages.
The Oathbreaker by Martin Jensen (translated by Tara Chace) is the second book in The King's Hounds series. Although Halfdan's role increased at the expense of Winston the Illuminator's, the setting, plot, and characters are still engaging.  The setting is England, but in an earlier period, the early 11th century.  King Cnut (king of Denmark, England, Norway, and parts of Sweden) came to power in 1016 and promptly and brutally dealt with many of his rivals.   The story takes place in 1018 when it appears that some of Cnut's actions may have come back to bite him.  Halfdan and Winston have been employed as eyes and ears, to gather gossip and information about possible threats and conspiracies.  

As guests in a monastery when a monk is murdered, the two are charged with the investigation.  Does the death have anything to do with a conspiracy?  There is certainly a possibility.   (and btw, the betrayal in the prologue actually did occur)

I would love to see more of Alfrida (Winston's paramour) in future books, and it appears that this may be the author's intention.  She will make an appealing third to the sleuthing team of Halfdan and Winston.

Medieval Mystery.  Most recent trans. 2014.  Print version:  258 pages.


  1. Yet more books to add to my wish list. :-)

  2. I got kind of stuck on this medieval mystery reading itinerary! I had no idea there were so many!