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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A Little Road Trip

I finally abandoned all WIPs in the studio, loaded up my Kindle, packed Kindle and The Carpathian Assignment in the bag to keep accessible, and have my other bag in the trunk of the car.

Waiting on Fee to get home, and then we will be off.  Dear Daughter will feed and care for the Triad, that multifarious three some of bad cats.  

I may be slow responding to emails and comments for a few days, but I do have some reviews scheduled.  

Ooops, he just walked in...time to go!


  1. Have fun on your road trip! Hope it gives you plenty of time for road trip reading -- my favorite kind!

  2. Thanks, Ladies! There were several high points to the trip, but came home exhausted.

    I'm just now beginning to feel up to doing a little more than reading--you know, like laundry and chores and playing in the studio. :)