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Monday, September 29, 2014

Stitch It Simple by Beth Sheard

Stitch It Simple

Book description:  

In Stitch it Simple you will enjoy making absolutely achievable and quick-to-stitch projects with fabrics from world renowned quilt designer Kaffe Fassett. These 25 fun, stylish, and easy-to-make sewing projects are playful, vibrant, and charming. There are projects and patterns for all sorts of accessories, including a super-simple tote bag, soft alphabet letters, a throw, pillows, and a simple wall hanging. All are guaranteed to work well for sewing novices, offering polished results on the first try. Best of all they make up fast and beautifully. Each wonderfully photographed project also comes with clear step-by-step instructions and colorful illustrations.

A book for those new to sewing regardless of age. 

The included templates are nice to have, even if not all of the projects appeal.  For someone who wanted to teach sewing to a young person, however, the projects might be perfect.  

Beth Sheard completed her fashion degree in 2007.  "She also works as Kaffe Fassett's studio assistant--which she sees more as a daily delight rather than a job!"   Yes, working for Kaffe Fassett would be a treat in itself.

Read in June; blog review scheduled for Sept. 29, 2014.

NetGalley/The Taunton Press

Sewing/Craft.  Oct. 14, 2014.  Print length:  128 pages.

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