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Friday, April 24, 2015

Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

The Mime Order   

After reading The Bone Season, I jumped right into Samantha Shannon's next installment.  

Of course, Paige does eventually escape the prison camp of Sheol I, but the escape plan went drastically wrong in some areas, and the escapees are much fewer in number than Paige had hoped.    Even after reaching London, elements of the escape go awry, and the escapees are separated.

Paige tops the Most Wanted list in London; Scion has a new device ready to be released that detects clairvoyants; Paige's efforts to expose the connection between the Rephaim and Scion and the terrible danger they pose are discounted; and Paige's relationship with her mime-lord Jaxon Hall, already a little shaky, is damaged further.

Warden's absence is notable in the first part of the novel, but he does make his appearance later.  Interesting how often he now defers to Paige.  

Intricate plot, engaging characters, an examination of the ways that power corrupts, suspense, murders...  All there.

The book is long and the pacing is sometimes slow, but once again, my ability to set it aside was pretty much nil--house keeping, quilting, the garden--all neglected. A twist at the end is one that I'd considered and discarded a couple of times, and a nice set up for the next in the series.

Samantha Shannon talks about The Bone Season:

Library copy.

SciFi/Fantasy.  2015.  510 pages.


  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed this next installment too! :)

    1. I did. It was longer and slower, but I was still interested!