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Monday, March 17, 2008


I need to whittle down some of my stacks of books. If you are interested in a copy of Immortal by Traci L. Slatton -- leave a comment on this post. I'll draw a name on Friday and send the book to the winner.

I can't keep up with reviews. Still to be written are reviews on Notorious by Michele Martinez, The Serpent's Tale by Ariana Franklin, Dance of Death by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.


  1. Wheee! I've heard great things about this!! Hook me up!

  2. 'The Serpent's Tale' isn't available in our library system as yet - I'm seriously jealous.

  3. Immortal sounds amazing. I am very interesting in winning it. Thanks for the offer!

  4. I read the Ariana Franklin book too. It was pretty good. This book looks intriguing, so count me in on the draw. :)

  5. I have worked my way through the entire all the preston-child books from the cabinet of curiosities to the book of the dead. you might say I'm totally hooked on pendergast! I have wheel of darkness on hold at the library....then after that I guess I go back and do the first two of the series. I can be a bit compulsive! thanks for turning me on to this protagonist - he's definitely my cuppa tea!

    oh don't enter me in the drawing....I too try and control the stacks (hence use the library for most of my reading)...sometimes I'm not very successfully, but better than I used to! seems that even though my biggest problem still is with buying children's books - some I just can't resist!!

  6. Raych - you're in.

    Ann - The Serpent's Tale was on the new book shelf at our library--a pleasant surprise!

    Zeek -- got you down.

    Megan -- your name's in, too.

    Kailana -- I liked The Serpent's Tale, too. Not as much as the first one, though. Your name's in the pot.

    kimy -- Aren't the Preston/Child books an indulgent, escapist bit of fun. I do like Aloyious, a truly unique character.

    :) I love children's books, too!

  7. Ohhhh A give away ... and what could be better than a good book !

  8. Marie -- This is not one that I liked, but I think everyone else liked it~!

  9. poulet/gingembre - I've added your name!