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Thursday, March 06, 2008

And the winners are...

Whew! When I got home from yoga last night, I went straight to work on the yoga bag, I started a couple of hours before class. Time flew and the drawing slipped my mind. This morning, the names were cut apart, folded up and put in two different piles. Then eyes closed, I drew two names: Jenny and iliana.

The Sonambulist goes to Jenny, and Nameless Night goes to iliana. I will need your snail mail addresses and will try to get the books out by Friday. Les, I'll get In An Instant out at the same time. That makes 3 books that will leave my book-cluttered house and find new readers!

My thanks to Christine Casccio at Harper Collins for review copies of The Sonambulist and Nameless Night and to Anna at FSB for In An Instant, which I will review later today so I can get in the mail (I've already reviewed the other two).

Strangely, although my husband has never complained about the over-flowing book shelves or the stacks of books on every available surface, when he got home last night, he had some plans for the new addition we've been discussing (we'll be adding a master bedroom/ some point).
"And here, see, these two walls will be book shelves and cabinets! What do you think?"

Uh, I think that will be great! I also like that he says, "And we can also add shelving and cabinets in your sewing room while we're at it."

Sooo...right now, I love this man. We will see how I feel when, and if, this project ever gets started.

Right now, I'm looking forward to a visit this weekend from our daughter and grandchildren, Mila and Max. Which means, I have to get all the stuff off the bed in Erin's room. We will also be keeping baby Bryce on Saturday night, so there will be a full house this weekend. ~I have a 5 shelf bookcase in the foyer area that contains children's books and toys, but they will soon be all over the house again.~


  1. I want your husband. Mine just tells me, "We've got to get rid of some books," every single weekend. Sometimes he goes so far as to set a number. "We need to find 100 books to get rid of." Sigh. Apparently, he doesn't know how the bibliophilia thing works.

  2. Oh your husband is good! :)
    Thank you for picking my name. I sent you an email.

  3. I can't ever get rid of books. I am my books and my books are me.

    Plus, now, don't you want to forever keep and relive the experience of the children's books...

  4. Yay! Congrats to the winners!!!

    I hope you have a wonderful visit this weekend.

  5. What a wonderful husband! Mine, too, understands the whole book-collecting thing. He loves to read and our house is full of books. Everywhere!

    Enjoy your grandchildren!! I'll see mine again next month.

    Thanks again for the book. I'm really looking forward to it!!

  6. I always get excited at the thought of new bookshelves whether they're for me or for someone!!!

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend with your grandchildren Jenclair.

    We're having a miserable w/end, the weather's been fierce with a wicked snow storm which has kept us all indoors except for moi (I had to work!)

  7. Oops, the first statement in the previous comment should read "I always get excited at the thought of new bookshelves whether they're for me or for someone else!!!"

  8. If the book shelves ever get underway, post some photos. I always love looking at other folks new bookcases.