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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monday Musings

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter! Mine was great (even if I ate too much). The weather had turned colder, but it was a lovely day with plenty of sunshine.

Today was busy, busy, but I did, finally, get all books and packages in the mail. Kimy should be getting the Barry Miles Peace: Fifty Years of Protest soon, and Raych, your copy of Immortal will take a little longer to get way up North, but it, too, is in the mail! Erin's package with a couple of books and stuff for the grandkids also made it out, after some minor difficulties finding a box, tape, waiting in the P.O. line. Everything in it may smell like coffee...which wouldn't be a bad thing.

Also stopped by the library on the way home and made a good haul; I was quite successful with the library for a change. Well, I guess I'm always successful to some degree (we do have a great library), but this time they had many of the books I wanted for the Once Upon a Time Challenge.

Finished Christine Falls this weekend, and today in just a few hours, knocked out the YA novel Zel by Shannon Hale so they will need to be reviewed. One will be a pleasure and the other a puzzle. A couple of books are still in progress; there are the new library books, and some excellent ARC's waiting.


  1. Yay! Books in the mail! I can hardly wait! Although, there are a dozen or so books on the holdshelf at the library, and if I don't pick them up today they're going back into circulation (yikes!), so I suppose I'll have something to tide me over until Immortal gets here. Thanks again!

  2. I look forward to reading your thoughts on Zel!

  3. I just finished River Secrets by Hale and knew there was a new book soon to be released. Guess I'll check my library for Zel. My daughter will be excited, too.

  4. Whoops - Zel is by Donna Jo Mapoli not Shannon Hale. Tho, Hale does have a book coming out in Aug titled Rapunzel's Revenge. Zel looks like one I'd like to read.

  5. Whew! I've been able to make a couple of comments lately!

    raych- I hope you enjoy Immortal more than I did! I was really glad to be able to send it on, since almost everyone else who read it liked it.

    Nymeth - Oh, I enjoyed Zel very much and will review it soon.

    Booklogged - Yes, I knew Hale had written one about Repunzel as well, and I'm eager to read and compare. I think Napoli did an excellent job.