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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lights Out

I was out most of the morning and early afternoon. On the final leg of my various errands, I noticed the traffic lights were out and police were directing traffic. When I got out to Garden Court, all of the lights were out, but I was able to talk to the supervisor about a Geri chair for Laddie.

When I finally got home, I realized that electricity was out in my neighborhood, too, and the garage door wouldn't open. The lights didn't come back on until nearly 6:00. The overcast sky meant that from 2:30 when I got home until the electricity came back on it was pretty dark in the house, and outside the wind was strong enough to be scary. I read in the dining room for a while because the light was better there, then gave up and took a nap.

Here's the link to the Give-Away post, if you would like a copy of Immortal by Traci L. Slatton.
It wasn't a book that I particularly enjoyed, although it did have its moments, but most people have reviewed it positively.


  1. We are so used to the amenities just being there when we need them that it takes us by surprise when they don't work. Touching wood wildly as I write, we haven't had a power cut for about four years. Please don't send it across the ocean.

  2. I always feel a bit strange when there's no power. It happens too frequently for my taste, and after going through the 98 Ice Storm I do not like any power outage at all.

  3. Ann - Losing electricity is rare here because we have underground lines, but occasionally, something happens to the transformer. You are so right about how much we depend on the amenities provided by electricity -- lights, television, computer, refrigerator, and stove (we are all electric here) all depend on the presence of that little miracle!

    Melanie -- It is particularly awful when it is cold, like during an ice storm! I've been through that in the past and then the loss is much more than an inconvenience like yesterday.